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from conception
to birth to delivery

My name is Sheila.  I am a self-taught artist with a unique calling in life.  I create ethnic & caucasian hyper-realistic-looking baby dolls.

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My passion for my craft started very young.  As a small child I loved painting, and at the tender age of five was already winning prizes for my work.  But life had other plans for me and I went on to carve out a career as an Operations Manager.


My story begins with me as a child experiencing a head injury that resulted in my hair falling out. This whole experience, and the shock of it all led me thinking negative about my appearance. I found myself measuring my looks against others, yet I faced the world with a smile, despite the inner turmoil. At the age of 20 and after numerous visits to my doctor and counsellor’s I was finally diagnosed with a mental illness called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. The term BDD describes a disabling preoccupation with perceived defects or flaws in appearance. It can affect all genders, and makes sufferers excessively self-conscious. It affects 1 in 50 in the UK. Embracing this knowledge, I embarked on a path of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and other deconditioning mind and self-care practices. The steps I have taken over the last 30 years have been instrumental in transforming the way I view myself.


BFEG Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Then back in 2014 I bid on a baby doll in an auction.  On opening the box, I was startled by how realistic the doll looked and was overwhelmed by complex emotions.  As the doll was light in complexion, I decided to paint the doll so that it matched my own skin tone and re-rooted the hair.  By drawing on my long-forgotten artistic talents and with careful attention to detail, I realised I had created a beautiful baby doll in my own image.  The calm, comforting and nurturing feelings experienced by those holding my doll led to requests for dolls from other people, and my business Sincerely Sheila was born.


My art has been a lifesaver for me, a realm where I can transform my self-doubt into an appreciation for my inner beauty. Through the mediums of painting, life drawing, and sculpting, I've found a way to express and affirm my identity. The process of creating black reborn dolls has been particularly transformative, offering both healing and empowerment. 

Now, my goal is to share the art of reborning, to craft baby dolls that reflect our own likenesses, complete with afro-textured hair, as a celebration of our rich diversity.

The adage "live your life to the fullest" resonates with me profoundly. Through Sincerely Sheila, I channel my enthusiasm and share the inspirations that drive me, hoping to encourage others to create positive change in their own lives and communities.


Mental health impacts 1 in every 3 children in schools post COVID.  Sincerely Sheila is about healing hearts and minds, together we can change those statistics normalise conversation to reduce stigma and connect people with services. 


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